Oils & Extracts

PRC can create a number of different packaging solutions for oils or extracts with our different filling equipment options.

Lotions & Creams

We can fill lotion and cream bottles, pumps and other options for liquid-type products.

Personal Care Samples

PRC has the ability to deliver single-serve samples like toothpastes, small lotion bottles and more.

Supplement Packs

From fitness packs to nutritionals.

Kit Assembly

We have on-site kit assembly with a personal touch to fill your product quickly and efficiently. 

Sourcing & Shipping

PRC can source boxes, labels, product and all parts of your project from start to completion and ship it from our facility.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is a nice option for transparent packaging and gives the cusotomer full view of the product.

Dry Mixing and Blending

If you have powders or granular that need mixing or blending prior to packaging, PRC is the right place for both.

Powder Filling

Our efficient powder filling systems can fill supplement packs, stick packs and more.

Stick Packaging

One of our specialties, we can provide stick pack packaging as well as kit assembly.

Powder & Granular Packaging

From small jars to large jars, we are able to package your unique powder or granular fill.